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Roster of Indiana Registered Soil Scientists

This roster lists names, addresses, phone numbers and other information for Indiana Registered Soil Scientists. Many people will use the Roster to find a well-qualified consulting soil scientist who will do soil and landscape evaluations for onsite wastewater disposal systems or for other purposes. All registrants have agreed to follow a Code of Professional Conduct which states that they hold paramount the health and welfare of the public and the protection of soil and water quality. Registered Professional Soil Scientists have all the credentials required by state law (Indiana Code 25-31.5). Registered Associate Soil Scientists have the same credentials except that they have not yet met the work experience requirement. Most Registrants offer their services to the public, but some do not. This distinction is made in the Roster.

Board of Registration; Administration of IRSS

The Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists is managed by the Board of Registration for Soil Scientists, a five-member board appointed by the Governor. Four of the members are Registered Professional Soil Scientists whose addresses and phone numbers appear in the Roster.

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The program is administered by the Office of Indiana State Chemist on the Purdue University campus: Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists, Office of Indiana State Chemist, Purdue University, 175 S. University Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2063. Telephone: 765-494-1492; Fax: 765-494-4331. The administrative advisor at OISC is Matthew E. Pearson.

If you, as a user of soil information, have questions about the program or concerns about the work done by a Registered Soil Scientist, contact the IRSS.

Changes to the Roster

Soil Scientists should report changes in their roster information to Matt Pearson at the Office of Indiana State Chemist, or by e-mail: He will revise the database and forward the information on to the Webmaster for this site.


Roster of Indiana Registered Soil Scientists - Alphabetical Listing: