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Government Employees (Certification & License)

Government employees who use or supervise the use of pesticides (insecticides, adulticides, larvicides, etc.) for the control or management of mosquitos must be certified and licensed as Category 8 (Community-Wide Mosquito Management) commercial applicators. Government employees include those individuals employed by federal, state, county, municipal and local agencies and organizations. Government employees must apply annually for a Public Applicators License. There is no fee for this license. At least one employee with the agency/department/organization must be certified. View details about becoming a certified and licensed Category 8 applicator.

Can I Apply Mosquito Control Pesticides for Other Government Agencies?

Your Category 8 Public Applicator License is issued in your name as an employee of a specific government agency or organization.  It covers all of your mosquito management pesticide applications for employer (agency).

In order to assist a neighboring agency, you must obtain a second applicator's license in the name of the neighboring agency. You must also submit a letter detailing how the direct supervision requirements 357 IAC 1-11-1(4) will be met.