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Obtaining a WDI (Wood-Destroying Insect) Business License

Any business that makes fore hire inspections and reports to determine infestations of wood destroying pests and is not already licensed in Category 7b (wood destroying organism pest control) must obtain a WDI business license from the Office of Indiana State Chemist (OISC).

In order to obtain a WDI business license,a firm must:

  1. Employ at least one (1) certified wood destroying pest inspector.

    A pest inspection business license and a pest inspector licnense are separate and distinct. A pest inspector license can be issued only to a certified wood destroying pest inspector.

    View details on becoming a certified pest inspector

  2. Submit a completed Application for Indiana Pesticide Credentials.

    NOTE: One application is used for both the business license and the inspector license.

    View the license application form  (pdf, 58kb)

  3. Submit a certificate of insurance.

  4. View details on insurance requirements