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Indiana Requirements for Registration of
FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act)
25(b) Pesticide Products

To register a FIFRA 25(b) exempt pesticide product in Indiana, you must provide the following items for each pesticide product:

  1. Indiana Application for Pesticide Registration; please submit registration for FIFRA 25(b) products on a SEPARATE application form from other products;

  2. The complete brand name of the pesticide;

  3. A complete copy of the label/labeling for the pesticide and a statement of all claims to be made for it, including directions for use;

  4. Product efficacy data: a full description of the tests made and the results of the tests upon which the claims for the product are based;

  5. A complete formula for the pesticide product, including the sources of supply for each active and inert ingredient;

  6. A check for the $170.00 registration fee made payable to Indiana State Chemist.