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Supervision of Non-Certifed Pesticide Applicators at Golf Courses

  1. All pesticide applications on turf areas at golf courses must be performed by a Category 3b (turf) certified and licensed applicator affiliated with the golf course or the pesticide business hired to apply pesticides on that golf course.

  2. In addition, non-certified employees may also apply pesticides to turf at the golf course under the direct supervision of their Category 3b certified and licensed supervisor. "Direct Supervision" of non-certified pesticide applicators means either of the following:

    1. The supervising certified applicator is present at the golf course and is operating under conditions that permit real-time communication by two-way radio, cell phone, landline phone, etc. with the non-certified applpicator; OR

    2. The supervising certified applicator has previously examined the specific application site while accompanied by the non-certified applicator, has provided the non-certified applicator with a site assessment fact sheet  (pdf, 290kb), and is operating under conditions that permit real-time communication.