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Supervision of Non-Certified Government Employees

Government employees who are not certified may apply pesticides for mosquito control under the supervision of a Category 8 certified and licensed supervisor employed by the agency/organization/department. Supervision may be legally accomplished by any of the following methods:

  1. The non-certified employee is a registered technician (passed the Core exam) and is operating under the direct supervision requirements.  View details on direct supervision of technicians; OR

  2. The certified supervisor is on-site and is within constant sight and voice communication with the non-certified/non-registered employee; OR

  3. The certified supervisor is not required to be physically present on site during the pesticide application if the supervisor and applicator are familiar with the site of application and the supervisor has provided the employee with written site-specific instructions for that particular site.

    Written site-specific instructions will vary from site to site and from situation to situation. These instructions must include enough detail to ensure that the non-credentialed employee is able to apply the pesticide safely in potentially sensitive environmental or human/animal exposive sites.

    For example, if a supervisor sends out an employee to do adulticiding near a park that is likely to have visitors, special instructions should be given on how to avoid exposing those park visitors to the pesticide. Likewise, if a non-credentialed government employee is sent out to apply a pesticide near the property of a resident who experience has shown is sensitive to pesticide, the supervisor must provide written instructions on what special precautions the applicator must take near that site.