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2019 Dicamba Herbicide Updates

Dicamba containing herbicides, including formulations such as XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology (EPA Reg. No. 524-617), Engenia Herbicide (EPA Reg. No. 7969-345), and FeXapan Herbicide Plus VaporGrip Technology (EPA Reg. No. 352-913) have been in the news recently based on off-target movement (drift) complaints.

This website is intended to provide interested parties with regulatory and other related information associated with dicamba herbicides in Indiana.


  1. Dicamba Frequently Asked Questions (12-10-18) (pdf, 156kb)
  2. Counties with Endangered Species (11-26-18) (pdf, 99kb)
  3. Dicamba RUP Dealer Notice (11-20-17) (pdf, 869kb)
  4. Registrants of Dicamba-Containing Agricultural Herbicide Products Notice (12-20-17) (pdf, 39kb)
  5. List of state RUP dicamba herbicides (03-27-18) (pdf, 80kb)
  6. Final Rule - Restricted Use Classification of Dicamba Containing Herbicides
  7. Options for Dealing with a Pesticide Drift Incident (PPP-110) (pdf, 658kb)
  8. How to File a Fertilizer or Pesticide Complaint (pdf, 30kb)
  9. Filing a Pesticide or Fertilizer/Manure Complaint (pdf, 86kb)
  10. Understanding Soybean Response to Dicamba (BASF) (pdf, 1,333kb)
  11. Association of American Pesticide Control Official (AAPCO) Dicamba page
  12. Removing Herbicide Residues from Agricultural Application Equipment (How Proper Cleaning Helps Prevent Crop Damage and Improves Performance)
  13. Response of Roundup Ready Soybean Yield to Dicamba Exposure (source: Purdue Extension)
  14. Response of Glyphosate-Tolerant Soybean Yield Components to Dicamba Exposure (source: ResearchGate)
  15. DriftWatch Sensitive Crop/Site Registry (source: DriftWatch)