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Office of Indiana State Chemist - Pesticide Section

The pesticide section of OISC regulates the distribution and application of pesticides in the State of Indiana. The pesticide section is charged with the administration and enforcement of Indiana pesticide laws (I.C. 15-16-4 and I.C. 15-16-5) and also represents the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Indiana for the purpose of enforcing many provisions of federal pesticide law.

The mission of the Office of Indiana State Chemist Pesticide Section is to protect the public and the environment by ensuring that pesticide products distributed within the state are properly formulated and labeled and that individuals who apply pesticides have met minimum competency standards, when required, and apply those pesticides without causing harm to people or property.

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On January 7, 2014, the Office of Indiana State Chemist experienced the effects of a frozen and burst four inch water main that adversely affected all operations. The Office continues to make great strides in meeting the needs of its clients, and regaining full operational status. Some operations, especially our Laboratories, are slower to gain operational status due to losses of equipment. Still, progress continues to be made as rapidly as possible. We appreciate your continued patience as some parts of our Office are restored more rapidly than others.

Thank you,
Robert D. Waltz, Ph.D.
State Chemist & Seed Commissioner



*** 2014 Annual Pesticide Renewal Applications have been mailed! ***


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